Shiloh Publishing

Shiloh Publishing was born out of a desire to assist the rank and file perspective writers and authors that are out there wishing, wanting and waiting for a door to open. You may be searching for an avenue whereby your thoughts and ideas may be published, that is your manuscript will be not only looked over but considered for print. For those of you that have been waiting; the waiting is OVER! 

Shiloh could be your answer. Here is what we will do: When you contact us we will have a discussion about you and your work, that is how you arrived at the place you are now with this endeavor.

Next we will ask you to send us a few paragraphs from your work so we can better know how we can help, maybe we can, maybe we can't,but you don't want to wait around wondering if you should proceed or not. Shiloh takes every request seriously and we will give you an answer to your question, "Should I proceed with my ideas with Shiloh or should I give up?" 

We will advise you of the upfront cost we require upon submission of your manuscript. This will be a flat fee cost that will be charged in order to sign a contract with us. These fees normally run from $1,500 to $2,500. Next we will alert you as to the basic cost per book to go to print. We have brackets of editions such as 25 books, 50 books, 100 books and so on.  

This is a new beginning for you and we suggest you think positively about your venture and how your dream can come to pass. That dream can become a reality through, "Shiloh Publishing,"